Best Videos Ever – Abodid’s Special Curation

Inspiration is something that strikes you most unlikely of hours. Sometimes when you need it the most, you don’t have it. What a dilemma.
But wait!! What if I told I have a hack! What if I told there is something you can always come back to have that inspirational dose without a fail. This collection is all about that. Pretty much it’s like if these videos don’t stir me up to get back to my zone, then what else will??

Super Insightful Tweet Threads you just can’t miss.

Gina Gotthilf, VP of Growth at language education platform Duolingo, is reluctant to spill one of her favorite A/B tests, but it’s too good not to share. “You know that little red dot on your app icon that indicates there’s something new, or something unresolved? That led to a six percent increase in our DAUs. It was six lines of code. I think it took about twenty minutes. And then our V2 for the dot brought an additional 1.6% increase in DAUs,” she says.

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