Is Work From Home really gonna last long?

Ever since the pandemic began, the worries regarding the economic growth of the country and the activities contributing towards it also resided alongside. The governments are still craving for alternatives to normalcy because it will never be the same again for at least some years. The measures to curb the spread are being adopted worldwide and one such measure is the work from home culture.


Working From Home (WFH) has been brought into practice on a larger scale now but it has been there already. The new normal has forced people to stay at homes but the flow of capital and the need for services can’t stop. So, to contain the spread of the virus and stop the economy from growing negative, working from home alternative has come in handy.


The role of technology and artificial intelligence is significant in smooth running. The use of technology has increased be it e-commerce or e-learning. You will understand as you go ahead with the article. So, let us understand how things are with this new alternative to the regular offices and how successful it has been till now in a developing digital economy.




Is Work From Home really gonna last long?

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